2016 Outcomes Report

Pictured: Edwin, Treniece, Kia, Willie. GED graduates

As 2016 ends, the staff members of Advance Memphis are grateful to be serving the Lord by empowering our neighbors in 38126 to move into financial security through the multiplied efforts of almost 300 volunteers and dozens of donors who have joined us in this work.

Below you will see just a few tangible outcomes that only scratch the surface of how God has been transforming lives in our community. The outcomes that are more difficult to quantify are things like: A 40-year-old man who opens his first bank account to start his matched savings account; the woman who has stopped drinking; the man who can now support his children with dignity by working; the woman who earned her GED; and the man who has regained his driver’s license.


  • 82 neighborhood adults have completed the Work Life program with a 72% graduation rate.
  • 15 students have earned a GED/HSE diploma.
  • 121 students participated in GED training in 2016

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  • $1,036,000 was earned in gross wages by employees of Staffing and Outsourcing programs.
  • 106,000 hours were put in by Staffing and Outsourcing workers to earn those wages.
  • $9.75 is approximately the average hourly wage earned across all jobs and workers
  • 25 local businesses utilized our staffing agency and provided work for outsourcing.
  • 32 adults earned Forklift certifications, opening new doors for employment. This is  more than double the number of certifications from 2015.


  • 33 participants completed Faith & Finances training (a 50% increase), and 22 new IDA’s – matched savings accounts – were opened (an 83% increase).  We now have 25 total open and active IDA accounts. 7 participants purchased an asset through their IDA this year.
  • 18 participants completed LAUNCH entrepreneurship training. 59% of all LAUNCH alumni are still operating businesses.
  • An estimated $204,000+ in gross revenue has been earned by the top 10 LAUNCH entrepreneurs in 2016.
  • We now have 3 leasing tenants in our warehouse space, and are supporting 12 Outsourcing and Customer jobs in the warehouse
  • This year we had 2,710 hours of Outsourcing work, taking place mostly at our Warehouse.


  • We had 299 different volunteers partner with us for 3,834 hours in serving the 38126 community this year, and could not have done this work without you!

Renewal in 38126 takes many forms, and while this outcomes report shows just one year of our work, the transformation of our neighborhood and the empowerment of our neighbors is a process.

HEALING: This year we saw a graduate of our 2014 Jobs-For-Life ( now called Work-Life) program find stability and success in a position after years of battling to find and sustain employment. After two different temporary assignments working through Advance Memphis Staffing in temp-to hire positions, this individual had been let go both times due to failing drug tests. While he was on mandatory suspension he began attending OTC (Overcoming Through Christ) weekly meetings at Advance. After a second suspension, his presence in became OTC mandatory. After that, he never missed a weekly meeting and volunteered his time cleaning the building and helping out with refurbishing our new warehouse at 575 Suzette. He continues to make weekly OTC meetings and is currently participating in a paid apprenticeship program with yet another temporary staffing customer. This individual started his current assignment in June, 2016 and has maintained perfect attendance – winning our $50 reward on two separate occasions. We continue to pray for his success and often recognize him as a role model for others who are struggling with sobriety. He has never given up his desire of being drug free and working to sustain his financial needs.

COLLABORATING: We also have seen relationships blossom with our volunteers and graduates working together, forming lifelong friendships, and even business partnerships. Two volunteers worked together to find particularly creative ways to contribute to the development of a LAUNCH business. Not only did they contribute significant time to mentor a LAUNCH graduate; they decided that they could most effectively support his business by using their own vocational resources. Namely, these volunteers used their skills and connections to train this graduate to write bids for commercial properties, and then contracted his business to work on properties they manage, becoming his first major customer. This creative, relational engagement is worth so much more than a monetary gift; it is more difficult and complex, but it truly changes the game for one of our neighbors.

Want to join us? Here are a few ways to partner in this work:

  • The Advance Memphis Warehouse is providing job coaching and employment right here in the neighborhood, through outsourcing work and our leasing tenants. Support this work through prayer and business referrals.
  • Relationships are the key to the work we do. Mentors in most of our core programs provide relational support that changes lives. Support this work by volunteering as a Champion (day, Work Life), Ally (evening, Faith & Finances), or entrepreneurial mentor (evening, LAUNCH). Support this work by volunteering. Email: cchapple@advancememphis.org