Memphis— November 6, 2018Advance Memphis is pleased to announce publication on their website of an Impact Assessment for the years 2016-2017 performed by Slingshot Memphis ( Advance Memphis is proud to be one of the first four local non-profits that Slingshot partnered with in 2017. The report presents, “Advance Memphis earns an ‘at least strong’ rating on three of the four dimensions” analyzed in the assessment: Benefit-cost ratio, Use of best practices, and Measurement infrastructure. Steve Nash, Executive Director, said,”I am amazed at how much the board and staff of Slingshot Memphis have accomplished in two years.  Their work has strengthened Advance Memphis’ infrastructure which supports our programs, results and highly relational work.  They understand that the humanity and dignity of the gifted men and women we serve cannot be reduced to numbers.  Advance Memphis staff is grateful for Slingshot and their assistance in developing and improving what we do.”

Slingshot, in the Impact Assessment, states that the benefits of Advance Memphis exceed costs, that best practices are being used and developed, and that there is a strong measurement infrastructure. Further, the report reveals how difficult it can be to make systemic impact on poverty in Memphis though the lives of many individuals are being transformed.

Slingshot Impact Assessment: Advance Memphis

Advance Memphis: Multidimensional Assessment and Reporting 2018

For more information contact Kelsey Martin, Community Engagement Manager, at or access the website at

Advance Memphis, founded in 1999, empowers adults in South Memphis to break cycles of unemployment, establish economic stability, reconcile relationships, and restore dignity through knowledge, resources, and skills by the power of Jesus Christ. 

Advance Memphis is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS. IRS Code: Section 501(c)(3) Tax Identification Number: 621778254. 

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