Art For Jobs & 20th Celebration

Thank you for joining us for our 20th Anniversary Celebration AND the 9th annual Art for Jobs


SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Empowering our neighbors in South Memphis to achieve financial stability.

Art for Jobs is an annual art sale that supports and provides visibility for our cause: employment and financial stability for our neighbors in the South Memphis community.  

What a night! Our 575 Suzette Warehouse was transformed into an urban art gallery representing over 111 artists and showcasing the work in our warehouse. The evening featured interactive art, 4 musical groups, spoken word from LAUNCH graduate Stella James and more than 240 pieces of art. Thanks to the over 570 guests who came to celebrate with us. Your support makes this important work possible. What a beautiful sight to see people from all parts of Memphis coming together to support our hard working South Memphis neighbors. All proceeds from Art for Jobs go directly to programs at Advance Memphis which promote economic stability.

We believe in the value of each artist creation which is why artists may choose to donate their artwork or choose to receive up to a 50/50 split of the proceeds. We cannot express enough gratitude for the opportunity to partner with artists in this way, as well as our volunteers who worked so hard to create the warm atmosphere and conduct all the behind the scenes work for this event. We especially thank Lane Patikas, chairman of Art for Jobs 2019, for her labor of love and tireless work to make the event such a success!

Thank you for celebrating hope for urban community as we paid tribute to the Memphis community uniting to shape Advance Memphis over the past 20 years. Each storyboard represented a piece of the Advance Memphis story: South Memphis history 1866 to today, shaping Steve and Advance Memphis, the early years of Advance Memphis, how current programs offer hope, impact on the community, and the tapestry of relationships woven through involvement at Advance Memphis.

To capture 20 years of God’s faithfulness in six storyboards and a video required our volunteer chairman to conduct 50 interviews, compile 30 pages of writing, choosing pictures and a talented graphic designer. Many thanks to Bryn Wilson for her dedication to highlighting the hard work of our South Memphis neighbors, the rich heritage and the beauty of Memphis working together to bring hope.

Please join us next year for Art for Jobs 2020 on September 24th.


Have artistic talent?  Know someone who does? Join featured artists Megan Hurdle, Brenda Joysmith and Meredith Olinger partnering with Advance Memphis to help empower residents of South Memphis to find work and become financially stable! If you are interested in submitting artwork, please complete the  2019 Artist Form.  The proceeds of the art pieces sold at the show may either be fully donated, with 100% of the profits going to Advance Memphis or you may select an artist split up to 50%.  Artwork is limited to 3 pieces per artist. Diptychs and triptychs are counted as 1 piece. The deadline for submitting your artwork is September 13th. Our submission period has ended, but please submit next! Contact us at with any questions. 


Many thanks to our 2019 Presenting Sponsors:  F&F Construction and Patriot Bank. Art for Jobs directly supports our neighbors in South Memphis as they move from cycles of poverty towards financial stability. As an Art for Jobs Sponsor, your funds will empower our hard working South Memphis neighbors to find and keep work in 2019.

We surpassed our goal last year and raised $228,000 in event sponsorship, art sales and contributions. Learn more about how you and your company can partner with us to reach our goal of $250,000 this year, by viewing our sponsorship packet or contacting Kelsey Martin with any questions.


Our volunteers are invaluable!  With over 60 volunteers at Art For Jobs each year, behind the scenes service makes the event possible. Join us in impacting lives in our community by serving this year. Please contact Kelsey Martin for additional information. To learn about other ways to serve at Advance Memphis, please visit our Volunteer Page.