Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: BEN HANCOCK

Ice Cream

Ice Cream | bandsaw box | Ben Hancock


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Ben Hancock is a sculptor who focuses on turning simple, utilitarian objects into complex artistic statements. He lives and works in Memphis with his wife Katherine. See more of Ben’s work on his site.

Artist’s Statement: As I work I am constantly within the tension of trying to make beautiful, thoughtful art while still affirming my own identity and outlook as someone of faith. I am usually stuck between sculpting my own idols as a heretic or falling into shallow, easy iconography. While I indeed use traditional forms, my goal is to hopefully bring out in the works something more incarnational, like it hasn’t happened yet. The patterns are old, but the object is not. I am trying to allow created, physical objects with the various kinds of baggage they carry speak and point to an unseen creative source, that be me, the actual creator of the work, or God, who created both me and it.