Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: JACK CHAMBERS


Chambers mural work with the first #PaintMemphis project.

Local artist and teacher Jack Chambers will be participating in Art for Jobs for his second year and will be creating an Artist’s Wall as part of this year’s event. Learn more about Artist’s Walls here and see all the Art for Jobs information here. See more of Jack’s work on his site.

Chambers work from Art for Jobs 2015.

Chambers work from Art for Jobs 2015.

Artist’s Statement: Growing up in Memphis, TN, living in Chattanooga, and then returning to teach in Memphis, I am proud to be a Tennessee based artist. Both cities have an abundance of street art ranging from murals and sculptures to graffiti. Being surrounded by this culture of public art has had an impact on how I see the world. I began to find beauty in the layers formed by multiple artists painting, posting stickers, and applying wheat pastes in alleyways, on doors, on electric boxes, ect. Over time these areas begin to reveal a collaborative visual story of the city. These unique collaborative moments of art spread across the urban landscape to transform the city into one large art gallery to which we all have lifetime memberships. My art attempts to highlight and emulate these beautiful moments of layering and collaboration found within the urban environment, find balance between chaos and structure, and express visually the world which I perceive.

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