Logo AfJ 2016Make plans now to join us for the 6th annual Art for Jobs event. This year the party’s in the new Advance Memphis Warehouse – more room for the art, music, and food!

Thursday | September 15 | 2016


The Advance Memphis Warehouse | 575 Suzette | 38126


Art for Jobs exists, first, to support Memphians in 38126 who are pursuing their educational and professional goals despite the significant roadblocks presented by material poverty. The second mission of Art for Jobs is to honor the artists who make the event possible! The event will be a celebration of art, beauty, courage, and dignity. We invite you to join us on Thursday, September 15, but we also encourage you to get involved now! Visit advancememphis.org/afj2016 for all the latest event news; get started below!

The Blue | Donated by artist Emery Franklin for Art for Jobs 2014

The Blues | Donated by artist Emery Franklin for Art for Jobs 2014

  • ARTISTS: We offer a split of up to 50% and work hard to promote each artist through our blog and social media. Artists can register here. Contact Kate with questions
  • VOLUNTEERS: Support Advance and our participants by volunteering in one of the many roles we have available. There are ways to volunteer as we prepare for the event, and during the event itself. Contact Amanda to learn more. We need photographers, runners, sales assistants, party planners, and more!
  • SPONSORS: Businesses that sponsor Art for Jobs are promoted through our website and social media and at the event. There are sponsorship levels beginning at $500. View sponsorship info here and contact Steve with questions.
  • PATRONS & PROMOTERS: If you’re an art lover, plan to be there! We’ll have a wide range of prices and styles. If you want to go one step further and help us spread the word about the event, please get in touch and we’ll get you posters and Save the Date cards to hang in your business or pass out to friends!

Join us in supporting your fellow Memphians and some outstanding artists –
get involved today!