Listen to Traci Strickland interview Advance Memphis Executive Director Steve Nash about Art for Jobs!

Triumph Bank, a Van Gogh level sponsor of Art for Jobs, is a local community bank serving the greater Memphis area through their offices in East Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and Arlington. Triumph Bank was founded in 2006 by a group of respected local bankers and business leaders who desired to see hometown banking return to the Memphis area.

Triumph Bank takes pride in being owned and managed in town, which allows it to serve customers in its four locations with excellence and friendliness. Because it is locally run, Triumph Bank is also able to provide flexibility to its customers, granting them with both control and confidence. Triumph Bank is proud to support the people and businesses that make up this great community.


Volunteers from Triumph Bank spent a day in our garden! Volunteers from the bank have served in various ways–from mentoring to serving lunch–and Advance is grateful for the way Triumph invests in the community.

As a way to honor their Memphis roots, Triumph is making significant investments in local neighborhoods like ours, involving their outstanding employees every step of the way. Volunteers from the bank make a difference at Advance, and we are grateful for their involvement!

To find out more about Triumph Bank, visit their website here. Triumph has a great radio show, and recently interviewed our Executive Director, Steve Nash. Check that out, here.

Thanks to organizations like Triumph Bank, we are able to continue our work in the 38126 community!

To learn more about Art for Jobs, please click here.


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