Art for Jobs 2017 Sponsor: National Guard Products

 National Guard Products, Inc. (NGP), is returning this year as one of our Platinum level sponsors for Art for Jobs. NGP is a leading manufacturer of weather-stripping, threshold products, lite kits, louvers, and glass for commercial wood and steel doors. Founded in 1935, NGP is constantly innovating and advancing its industry. They manufacture a complete line of door seals, door thresholds, gasketing, intumescent fire seals, smoke seals, sound seals, door sweeps, door shoes, automatic door bottoms, lite kits, louvers, metal edges, astragals and finger guard products.

In addition to supporting Advance Memphis through Art for Jobs, NGP has helped empower our neighbors by hiring numerous grads from our programs and providing outsourcing work in our warehouse. We are grateful for NGP’s continued support of Advance Memphis.

To find out more about National Guard Products, Inc. (NGP), visit their website here.

We are grateful for companies like National Guard Products, Inc., who enable us to continue our work in South Memphis!

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