Art for Jobs 2017 Sponsor: SouthernSun Asset Management

Since the first Art for Jobs in 2011, SouthernSun Asset Management has been a faithful sponsor, and we are proud to announce that they are returning as one of our Rembrandt level sponsors for our event this September. While providing support for Art for Jobs, SouthernSun has also been an important partner to Advance’s work by hiring graduates as interns, donating lunch for our classes, and making generous gifts that have sustained our programs. In addition. Individual staff members from SouthernSun have also served at Advance with creativity and passion. The generous support of SouthernSun Asset Management and other businesses empowers our neighbors to pursue their educational and professional goals as they move toward financial stability

SouthernSun Asset Management, established in 1989, is a research-driven investment management firm, implementing SMID Cap, Small Cap and Global Equity investment strategies. Their name reflects a commitment to shed light on investment opportunities both at home and around the globe—a commitment that has driven the company’s work throughout their history. Although their roots are proudly established in Memphis, SouthernSun travels worldwide to seek out information they need to make sound financial decisions.

To learn more about SouthernSun Asset Management, view their website here.

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