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2019 Year End Newsletter

Please enjoy reading about the building of a strong city through Advance Memphis.  Read here.


Q3 2019 Newsletter- Art for Jobs and 20th Anniversary Celebration

Q3 2019 NL adv


Q2 2019 Newsletter

Celebrate with us our 20 years of bringing hope to urban community.  


Q3 Newsletter

Q3 Advance Memphis Newsletter


Incredible Volunteers!

It is such a joy to have a front-row view of what the Lord is doing in the lives of our neighbors in South Memphis, as well as in the lives of the many volunteers who make this work possible. Art for Jobs was just another rallying of the volunteer troops, numbering over 70 who committed over 330 hours in the planning and execution of the event. Read more


Thank You 2018 Artists

2018 Featured Artists: Chuck Johnson, EMYO, Terry Lynn

Adam Exelbierd~Alexis Dowell~Amy Carlisle~Angela Xu~Anne Siems~Arthur Hartwig~Art Wilson~Ashley Anthony~Barry Moser~Benjamin Roberts~Beth Winterburn~Betsy Brown~Bill Johns~Bob Furniss~Bob Pierce~Brenda Joysmith~Carl Fox~Catherine Burns~Cathy Lancaster ~Cheryl McCormack~Chloe York~Christen Waung~Christina Geating~Christopher Nadaskay~Dana Blalack~Daniel Huerta~Danielle Sumler~Darlene Read more


From Our Executive Director-Art For Jobs

Dear Art For Job Patrons:

On behalf of the Advance Memphis team, thank you for attending Art for Jobs 2018! Your generosity with your time encourages us. The warehouse where you attended Art for Jobs (and hopefully purchased art) is the same warehouse where we had 13 graduates working last week. Monday, work will resume. Consider the Advance Memphis Warehouse and our hard working graduates as solutions to your business needs. You may not need outsourcing work performed for your company BUT you may know someone who does. Please share Advance Memphis as a business solution for labor, space, and project work! After almost 20 years, Advance Memphis still needs your support and involvement. Through purchasing art, you helped fund Advance Memphis. Finally, I hope you all got a little glimpse into our Creator through the talents of our artists!


Thanks for partnering with us,

Stephen T. Nash

Executive Director


Business Partners as Art For Jobs Sponsors

At the core of Advance Memphis, we believe that God has given us the task of adding value to His world through our unique talents. We are so grateful for the strong partnerships with the Memphis business community who provide meaningful work for our neighbors in South Memphis while meeting the labor needs of their company. This year we were elated by the generosity of our 44 sponsors investment in Art for Jobs as to join us in supporting qualified graduates through the Work Life program and job opportunities. We are so grateful for our Art for Jobs sponsors and we look forward to the opportunity to serve our city together through long-term relationships. If you would like to inquire about partnering with Advance Memphis through sponsorships or with our Advance Memphis Staffing Agency, please contact Steve or visit the website for more information.

2018 Art for Jobs Sponsors
SouthernSun Asset Management

Alco Management Inc.
Alison Charles Design
Christ City Church
Christian Community Foundation
Classic American Hardwood
Commercial Advisors
Dillard Door
Diversified Conveyors, Inc. Read more


Art for Jobs 2017 Sponsor: SouthernSun Asset Management

Since the first Art for Jobs in 2011, SouthernSun Asset Management has been a faithful sponsor, and we are proud to announce that they are returning as one of our Rembrandt level sponsors for our event this September. While providing support for Art for Jobs, SouthernSun has also been an important partner to Advance’s work by hiring graduates as interns, donating lunch for our classes, and making generous gifts that have sustained our programs. In addition. Individual staff members from SouthernSun have also served at Advance with creativity and passion. The generous support of SouthernSun Asset Management and other businesses empowers our neighbors to pursue their educational and professional goals as they move toward financial stability

SouthernSun Asset Management, established in 1989, is a research-driven investment management firm, implementing SMID Cap, Small Cap and Global Equity investment strategies. Their name reflects a commitment to shed light on investment opportunities both at home and around the globe—a commitment that has driven the company’s work throughout their history. Although their roots are proudly established in Memphis, SouthernSun travels worldwide to seek out information they need to make sound financial decisions.

To learn more about SouthernSun Asset Management, view their website here.

To learn more about Art for Jobs, please click here.



Top 10 Things to Know about Art for Jobs

10. 192+ pieces of art from 55+ artists!

Playful Bout | Jamin Carter

Playful Bout | Jamin Carter

…and we’re still working. Prices range from $20 to $4000, so there’s something for everyone. 7 artists have created 8×8 free-standing artist’s walls: some are murals, some feature as many as 12 pieces of art. We’ve cataloged some of the art here, much more is available!

9. Great food from local farmers.

collage-2016-09-10-1The chef team at A Moveable Feast is working closely with Bring It Food Hub to source produce from local farmers. Fresh veggies, fruits and dips will cure those after-work munchies while you browse.

8. The party’s in the warehouse.

29582716925_67df5a0f58_zA year ago, we bought a warehouse just blocks from our offices & classrooms. This year, Art for Jobs is happening there: 575 Suzette, 38126. Learn more about what we’re doing in this 24,000 square feet here.

7. Plenty of parking – including valet!

Want to park yourself? A parking lot is just across the street from the warehouse at 853 Crump Blvd, with police escorts to help you cross safely. Want to valet? Thanks to Art for Jobs sponsors Triumph Bank, we’ll also have the services of Southern Valet available, with fees & tip covered by Triumph!

6. Learn more about social enterprise.

ssamThere are a lot of crazy smart Memphians structuring their businesses in ways that turn a profit AND create opportunities for struggling neighborhoods and underemployed neighbors. See some of this in action at Art for Jobs. Sponsored by SouthernSun Asset Management, a local business that supports a stronger Memphis.

5. It’s a sale, not an auction!

Tijuana | Lacey Craig

Tijuana | Lacey Craig

Art for Jobs is a show and sale, not an auction. This means you don’t have to awkwardly try to outbid your friends (or that serious shopper who keeps blocking you out) AND it means an artist’s work won’t be undervalued. It also means first come, first serve – so see you at 5!

4. 30 Days of Opera Will Be There!

opera-giantIf you haven’t heard about Opera Memphis’s 30 days of totally awesome – totally FREE – performances, get ready to be impressed by these beautiful, creative folks. They’ll “pop up” at Art for Jobs. Be there!

3. Explore Memphis Tilth!

memphis-tilth-logo-1What’s a tilth? Take a few of Memphis’s great food and garden non-profits, add great people, and new offices in the Advance Memphis warehouse, and you’ll start to see the future of healthy food, people, and places in Memphis. Explore it all at Art for Jobs.

2. Proceeds benefit Memphians in 38126.

27426571472_5b9056252b_mAll of this benefits the people of 38126 who are seeking empowerment and hope through job readiness, financial literacy, job placement, counseling, and training. As these individuals become financially secure, so do their families – and the Memphis workforce becomes stronger, too. Join us!

1. It’s THIS Thursday!

afj-logo-2016Make plans now to be at Art for Jobs! We’ll be going strong from 5-8pm at 575 Suzette. You can see details on the website or the Facebook event page, where you can let us know you’ll be there. Get a sitter or bring the family – we look forward to seeing you!