Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Grace Swaney

grace swaney (trees)

Trees | acrylic on canvas | 8″x8″ | $60 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

grace swaney (flowers)

Flowers | mixed media | 4″x4″ each | $35 each or $120 for all | these pieces will be available at Art for Jobs

grace swaney (Angel)

Angel | acrylic on canvas | 6″x6″ | $40 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs










Grace Swaney is a great fan of all types of art. She sees art as another way that the Lord speaks to each of us. Although she has never had any formal training, she has painted jewelry, clothing, ceramic tiles, walls, concrete, and her daughters’ faces over the years. She is delighted to share some of her creations with Advance Memphis.



Art for Jobs 2015 Artists: Mae and Bruce Stockburger

We are excited to have some art donated by talented and generous children. A couple of those pieces have been given by the Stockburger family: Mae, who is currently in the 4th grade, and Bruce, who is in Senior Kindergarten.

mae stockburger (birdhouse)

Birhouse by Mae | 11″x17″ art, 18″x”28″ with frame | $60 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

Bruce Stockburger (hedgehog)

Hedgehog by Bruce | 14″x”24″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Rebecca Chappell

A native of Wynne, Arkansas, Rebecca Chappell now lives in Memphis. She mainly works in watercolor, oil, encaustic, cold wax, and acrylic, but she also loves doing abstract painting using mixed media. She studied life drawing at the Memphis College of Art, but she has recently studied painting at Memphis Botanic Gardens and Flicker Street Studio. Chappell’s work has been featured at Playhouse on the Square, and she has been an active supporter of Advance Memphis over the years. We are happy to feature Rebecca Chappell’s work this year, and are grateful for her contribution to our community.


Three Pears | watercolor | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Floating Apple | mixed media | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Heart | watercolor | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs




Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Stacey Ferguson

Stacey Saed Ferguson has been drawing and creating as long as she can remember. She believes looking at the world through the lens of an artist is a great privilege and in her late-forties, she is learning what that means. There have been many teachers along her journey, but none more beloved and trusted than her high school art instructor. She lit the fire within Stacey to create and embrace creating, regardless of the results. That is the spirit that she brought to this body of work. She found images of children that touched her heart – because of their life circumstance or because of a spark she could see in their face. She is an adopted child and loves that process. Some of the children she painted were either adopted or available for adoption. There is a wealth of inspiration in that segment of the population alone.

Today, she wears many hats. The one she is most proud of is being a mother to three wonderful boys – Robert (14), Reid (13) and Kieffer (10). With that being said, if you ask her who she is, she would quickly tell you – an artist. It is what drives her and what draws her closer to God. You see more of Stacey’s work here.

stacey ferguston (tickled pink)

Tickled Pink | acrylic on paper | 14″x14″ | $200 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

stacey ferguston (soulful eyes)

Soulful Eyes | acrylic on paper | 16.5″x13″ | $200 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Anderson Goin

20495791154_18b9ffd901_bAnderson studied at Memphis College of Art and has shown his paintings in juried exhibitions and art shows in and around Memphis.

The piece at left is titled Heart and is oil on canvas. From the artist:  “HEART is a piece about the swaying of hearts both politically and in matters of everyday life and the outward expression they find in our actions.”

It is 30 x 40 and will be available for $300. Two other Anderson Goin pieces will be available.

For all the information on Art for Jobs, visit our event page.




Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Jennifer Elizabeth Gillentine

gillentine collage

Sunrise | mixed media | 24″x 36″ | $575 | Over the Moon | acrylic | 12″x 12″| $85 | Kaleidoscope | acrylic | 12″x 12″ | $100 | all pieces will be available at Art for Jobs

J.E. Gillentine is a third-generation Memphian who has had a love for art since the third grade. Her work over the last eight years includes oil paintings, mixed media, and ink paintings. Today she serves clients across the southeastern United States, creating unique commissioned pieces for homes and offices.






Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Alexander Diaz

Untitled123This year we are pleased to welcome Alexander Diaz’s photography to 2015 Art for Jobs. Diaz began his photography in 2014, and he shoots 35mm black and white film.  What he finds visually captivating centers around a general idea: if you look hard enough, the different and the majestic can be found where you are.  He believes that no two people inhabit the same world, and his photography is an invitation for others into his world.

You can see more of Alex’s work at The 12 x 18 print at left will be available at Art for Jobs.


2015 Art for Jobs Artist: Glenda Brown

(Available for purchase during event)

Join Me for Orange Tea | Cuties | oil on board | 6×6. Each painting is $90.00 and will be available at Art for Jobs.

Glenda creates “Life on Canvas.” She is a national artist, an instructor, and an author. Families commission Glenda to paint their loved ones, and corporations commission her for their portraits. Glenda has a unique way of capturing your “Life on Canvas”.

“Cayden” 40 x 22 inches. Oil on Linen. Example of portrait work. Gift certificate available at Art for Jobs.

40 x 22 inches. Oil on Linen. Example of portrait work. Gift certificate available at Art for Jobs.

In addition to the paintings at left, Glenda has generously offered a Gift Certificate for silent auction at Art for Jobs. The gift certificate will be for a 20% reduction in standard portrait fees, which range from $5,000-$11,000. One example of this work is at right. 

Glenda’s work and many examples of her portraits can be found at

An online gallery of many of Glenda’s pieces can be found here.

Each of Glenda’s portraits is a months-long process. She practices her craft in daily small paintings as a change from the larger works. These can be seen here.  


2015 Art for Jobs Artist: Lisa Bertagna


(available for purchase during event)

(available for purchase during event)

Lisa is an artist living, working and playing in Memphis. She loves experimenting with photography & mixed media to preserve moments that capture her eyes. Always re-inventing her process, Lisa has created an unique way to transfer images onto wood with metal leaf.


You can view more of her work at:


2015 Art for Jobs Artist: Cathy Shapiro

IMG_2380Cathy Shapiro is new to the art world, but quickly making a name for herself. “Life’s too short, so at age 50, I picked up a paintbrush and decided to change my vocation in life!” Shapiro is certainly doing that! In the fall of 2014, she entered and won the I.O. Metro local artist search. Now her abstracts are available at all of I.O. Metro’s southeast furniture stores. But Shapiro is mainly known for her portrait work. “The challenge of capturing someone’s expression at a snapshot in time – that twinkle in the eyes – that curve of the lips – is both the most frustrating and satisfying thing I can imagine, and that’s why I love to paint people,” says Shapiro. Shapiro is Publicity Chairperson of the Memphis Germantown Art League, Directory Chairperson for Artist’s Link, and a member of the Artist Group of Memphis and Plein Air Memphis.

You can see more of her work at