2014 Artists: Katie Toombs & Lisa Ann Sulipeck


This piece will be available at Art for Jobs 2014.

Katie Toombs

After attending high school in Germantown she went on to graduate from The University of Memphis where she received a degree in Home Furnishings…you could say design and creativity have always been in her blood. Katie’s style can mainly be described as ‘southern impressionism’, a term that Katie has coined over the years.  Each of Katie’s paintings begin with a wood canvas that is handmade by her husband, Jeremy. She begins each painting with back layers of bright color and then applies layers of paint and venetian plaster with a palette knife until the finished look is achieved.  Her process creates a rugged yet warm look that compliments just about any style and décor. Katie draws the bulk of her inspiration from memories of growing up in the south and traveling with her family.  She loves the southern landscape and life in the south.  Katie’s desire is for her art to not only fill a space but to bring much joy into the homes where they abide.

Lisa Ann Sulipeck

Labelled a daydreamer at a very young age, Lisa Ann Sulipeck discovered as an adult that her vivid imagination was actually a blessing. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and educated at Auburn University, Lisa Ann is a self-taught artist. She has always believed that art is personal, and so her goal is to discover the individual character from each piece of work. She’s immersed herself in her belief that ‘beauty can be found everyewhere’. Her paintbrush glides effortlessly over classic mediums. But she also believes that quality materials…redeemed, repurposed and rededicated….also provide the perfect backdrop for unique, one-of-a-kind creations. “There’s a majesty and dignity to taking something once discarded and pulling a new, individual beauty from it”. From fresh canvasses to weathered planks, Lisa Ann turns her traditional Southern view into uncommon and exclusive pieces of art. “Every medium is patiently waiting to have it’s gift revealed”.

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2014 Artist: Beth Winterburn


This piece will be available at Art for Jobs 2014.

Beth graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, with a focus in photography. She dabbled in ceramics, printmaking, watercolor, sculpture, design and photography among other things.  Most of her background is in black and white film photography.  She paints on a regular basis – it’s her “me-time” and a good way to keep the right side of her brain all stretched out and ready for the next creative challenge that comes her way.  You can see her current work on her website. At any time, she is likely to be in the middle of other creative projects – from furniture refinishing/painting, to ceramic throwing, to doodling with watercolors. Learn more about Art for Jobs here


2013 Artist: Terry Lynn

Terry Lynn | Reverie | acrylic on canvas | 11×14
available in the auction room of Art for Jobs

“I, Terry Lynn, was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in Arlington. I began showing my paintings at Gestine Art Gallery on Beale Street. I enrolled in architectural technology before studying for a BFA at the University of Memphis, where I received a BFA. I collaborate on art with my twin brother Jerry under the signature “Twin.” My twin and I have shown in many solo and group exhibitions and have been collected worldwide. 

I have used sculpture, painting, and installations to explore the complexity between art and life. I’m interested in land, figure, place, and time. Art is life and life is art. My art challenges traditional beliefs through artistic choices. 

I honed my labor extensive approach as a teenager while working as a laborer with my brick mason grandfather. I developed a painterly stroke from working with my father painting and remodeling homes. I learned the value of hard work and a work ethic at a very young age. I spent hours practicing and improving my craft. I remember listening to families stories of how things used to be. Inspired by those narratives and personal revelations, I create work that evokes and challenges the viewers’ memories and emotional response.”

Learn more about the art of Terry Lynn, his brother Jerry Lynn, and their collaborative work under “Twin” on their site. The above piece will be available in the Auction Room of Art for Jobs. 

Front Porch Art Hosts Art for Squares

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