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Advance at a Glance through Quarter 2

Versant Supply Chain Outsourcing to Advance Memphis Warehouse

WOW! Aslan is ALWAYS on the move and it’s clear to us at Advance. We are thankful for those who have joined us in praying that God would provide businesses for the Advance Memphis Warehouse so our neighbors could work in their community. In the last few weeks the Warehouse has had up to 30 Staffing employees working on multiple projects with several more projects on the schedule through October. Our strategy for the Warehouse called for the operation to be self-sustaining within the third year after purchase.  To Advance, “self-sustaining” meansthat the Warehouse generates revenue to pay for wages, staff and other expenses for its operation. As of June 30, year-to-date, the warehouse is 82% self-sustaining, compared to only 46% in the same period in 2017. I am grateful for the progress!

Let me tell you how these last few months have made a difference in the bottom line. Continue Reading….


Volunteers Add Value

Before getting to know Advance, I had no idea of what generational poverty really means. We all know about homeless people (and I work with them, too, through the Hospitality Hub, but theirs is a different kind of hardship) because we see them on the streets, but most of us don’t know about generational poverty. Once you know, it really just boggles your mind. 

Suzanne retired in 2012 from teaching and wanted to volunteer. Advance Memphis is thankful for the six years she has spent building into our neighbors with encouragement and meals.  After reading this interview with her, you’ll want to join us also. Continue Reading…


Tucker Family Thrives

Family relationships are extremely strong in our neighborhood and in neighborhoods similar to South Memphis. The Tucker family has lived in South Memphis for generations and exemplifies the benefits of strong families. Brenda Tucker’s family has long struggled with unemployment and poverty, but Brenda wanted to turn over a new leaf. Brenda joined and graduated from our Work Life soft-skills job training class in November 2009. After graduating, Brenda worked through Advance Staffing and has worked consistently ever since. Her three daughters subsequently graduated from Work Life, in 2010, and have worked permanent jobs for 8 years. Continue Reading….



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