HEY YOU GUYS! Social Enterprise Pitch Contest!

CCDA2015_MrktSltnsBnnr_SlideIn conjunction with the Market Solutions portion of the CCDA conference, a social enterprise pitch contest will be held. To learn more about the Market Solutions pre-conference go here – but the bottom line is this: it’s an entire day designed for entrepreneurs and business folks who have a heart for community development, and it’s going to be positively inspiring. So check out the developing schedule and speaker bios at the link and consider whether you or someone you know is ready for the CCDA version of Shark Tank – the Social Enterprise Pitch Contest!

To apply to pitch, fill out the application located here.

The winner will receive an iPad, an all-expense paid trip to CCDA’s week-long Immersion (April 17-22, 2016 in Chicago), and upon completion of the Immersion, a cash prize of between $1,500 and $2,500 dollars. The 2015 Market Solutions Pitch Competition winner will also be featured on the Market Solutions blog. Applications will be reviewed based upon an evaluation of the feasibility of the idea, the potential for social impact, and the extent to which the enterprise embodies the sort of community transformation that lies at the heart of the CCD Philosophy.
All applications must be submitted by Thursday October 15th. Applications must be filled out completely. Additional documentation related to the application may be sent to rhodes1985@gmail.com. If selected, your team will receive one complimentary registration for the Market Solutions conference. By submitting an application, you are committing to attend and pitch, if selected. Teams are encouraged to submit applications, but only one person will present the pitch.Please note: Applications will only be accepted from the the following states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri.)

The Social Enterprise Alliance (www.se-alliance.org) provides the following as a definition of social enterprise:

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good.

Three characteristics distinguish a social enterprise from other types of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies:

1. It directly addresses an intractable social need and serves the common good, either through its products and services or through the number of disadvantaged people it employs.

2. Its commercial activity is a strong revenue driver, whether a significant earned income stream within a nonprofit’s mixed revenue portfolio, or a for profit enterprise.

3. The common good is its primary purpose, literally “baked into” the organization’s DNA, and trumping all others.

Social enterprises may be for-profit or non-profit. Mission is primary and fundamental; organizational form is a strategic question of what will best advance the social mission.