If you’re keeping up with any of the posts over at Release Your RaiseDONALD AT WORK, you know that Advance Memphis and our friends are giving a lot of thought to ways that any of us can get involved with a vision for a Kingdom economy. Ideas for this involvement range from the sacrificial (giving up your raise?!) to the simple (consider who you hire for tasks around your house). The impact of either can be huge.

Meet Virginia, a twenty something MTR grad and teacher at The Soulsville Charter School. Virginia takes lots of steps to live her life in the Kingdom, but she’s also just a normal working woman with lots of leaves in her yard at this time of the year. So she has lots of choices to consider, right? Rake ‘em yourself. Google “lawn services Memphis.” Ask friends who they use for such services. But Virginia, as an Advance volunteer, knew of our LAUNCH program for entrepreneurs and checked with us to see if we knew anyone could help her with her lawn.

Meet Donald, a Jobs for Life and LAUNCH grad with a lawn care business. (You can read more about him over at Release Your Raise.) He took Virginia’s call and arranged a time to assess her lawn. He impressed her with his attention to detail and with the way he set up a time to come back and promised to call when he began work (since she would still be at school.) He then came back and did a great job, getting her lawn in great shape and taking care of the leaf situation. Donald has definitely won himself a new customer. That’s it, folks. Just the smallest decisions can result in new relationships, new business, and a bigger, brighter Kingdom.

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