Partners: Employ, Support, Collaborate



These businesses hire Advance Memphis graduates either directly, or through Advance Memphis Staffing Program.

Our vision is to form relationships with employers that are mutually beneficial. Our program graduates have more training and receive more support than other entry level employees. Our employers receive excellent customer service, as we provide ongoing job coaching and mentoring to our graduates, as well as trouble-shooting on the line and in the warehouse.
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These organizations financially support the work at Advance Memphis.

The partnership of these foundations and corporations allows hard working residents of 38126 to grow educationally and professionally as they pursue financial stability. We are grateful for their vision for this community and for that of the many anonymous donors who also support this work.
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For more information about how we collaborate with these organizations, visit the Contact page and write to us.

These organizations are our partners in thought and in deed as we work to discover and share best practicies and bring new opportunities to our graduates.
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