Ministry Training: Work Life Facilitator Training

Low-income people all over the United States long for work.
Are you ready to help them find it?

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Advance Memphis and the Chalmers Center for Economic Development have partnered to train churches and ministries in Work Life, a biblically integrated job and life-skills curriculum designed specifically for low-income adults. Through Work Life, churches and non-profits can assist the materially poor in developing crucial skills for flourishing in their careers and communities. Work Life covers typical jobs readiness topics like interviewing skills and understanding what employers want. But more than that, the curriculum engages participants in God’s grand story for their lives, uncovering how to live all of life, including work, in light of that story. Naming gifts, developing communication skills, healing from the past, and overcoming difficult roadblocks are all addressed in interactive, participatory ways throughout the curriculum. The $350 training package equips you to walk with your low-income neighbors over time, leading to lasting transformation. Register here.

WL machinistWhy Work Life?

Becoming a Work Life facilitator prepares you to:

  • Move your church or ministry from giving things to the poor to building relationships with the poor, leading to long term change.
  • Apply the poverty alleviation principles described in When Helping Hurts to your context.
  • Create a concrete jobs preparedness ministry plan tailored to your community.
  • Train low-income people in concrete job and life skills, such as smart communication, knowing and applying their gifts on the job, interviewing techniques, and more.
  • Mobilize church members to serve as allies alongside participants, engaging your broader ministry circles in empowering low-income workers.

Get Trained

Start Work Life classes in your community by:

  • Completing four weeks of online training, unpacking the principles of effective poverty alleviation and adult education.
  • Attending the live training event, practicing facilitation with other ministry leaders and staff from Advance Memphis and Chalmers Center.

WL vert assemblyTraining costs $350 at the early bird rate and $400 within one week of the start of online training. The next Work Life Faciliator Training will take place in two stages. The online portion will begin April 25th; live training will take place June 3rd and 4th at Advance Memphis. Register here.

Interested in auditing? If you’re considering whether Work Life is right for your group or you have team members who would benefit from some training (though they won’t be facilitating), consider auditing.
Participants may audit the online portion of training for $25. This does not include the live training and will not result in certification. Register to audit the online course here.

Wondering if Work Life is a fit for your organization? Have other questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Register here.

View sample materials here: Work Life Intro and Course Map | Session 08 | Session 10