Sneak Peak of Glenda Brown’s Artwork

After years of painting on canvas, Glenda discovered the remarkable experience of painting on copper. As she researched the qualities of copper, Glenda discovered that copper, unlike canvas or wood, is a very durable support that cannot be affected by humidity or temperature. Glenda sands, grinds, cleans and cuts heavy gauge copper sheets for each of her paintings. The colors in her paintings lay close to the smooth surface with tiny sparkles of copper peeking out. Paintings on copper will last generations and are unique expressions of the fine art talents and creativity of Glenda Brown.

The two paintings above will be available for sale September 28, 2017 from 5:30-8:30 at Art for Jobs!

Glenda’s work can be seen at her studio, Gallery 202 Franklin Tennessee, Portraits Inc. Birmingham Alabama. You may contact Glenda at 901 606-1692, or