Top 10 Things to Know about Art for Jobs

10. 192+ pieces of art from 55+ artists!

Playful Bout | Jamin Carter

Playful Bout | Jamin Carter

…and we’re still working. Prices range from $20 to $4000, so there’s something for everyone. 7 artists have created 8×8 free-standing artist’s walls: some are murals, some feature as many as 12 pieces of art. We’ve cataloged some of the art here, much more is available!

9. Great food from local farmers.

collage-2016-09-10-1The chef team at A Moveable Feast is working closely with Bring It Food Hub to source produce from local farmers. Fresh veggies, fruits and dips will cure those after-work munchies while you browse.

8. The party’s in the warehouse.

29582716925_67df5a0f58_zA year ago, we bought a warehouse just blocks from our offices & classrooms. This year, Art for Jobs is happening there: 575 Suzette, 38126. Learn more about what we’re doing in this 24,000 square feet here.

7. Plenty of parking – including valet!

Want to park yourself? A parking lot is just across the street from the warehouse at 853 Crump Blvd, with police escorts to help you cross safely. Want to valet? Thanks to Art for Jobs sponsors Triumph Bank, we’ll also have the services of Southern Valet available, with fees & tip covered by Triumph!

6. Learn more about social enterprise.

ssamThere are a lot of crazy smart Memphians structuring their businesses in ways that turn a profit AND create opportunities for struggling neighborhoods and underemployed neighbors. See some of this in action at Art for Jobs. Sponsored by SouthernSun Asset Management, a local business that supports a stronger Memphis.

5. It’s a sale, not an auction!

Tijuana | Lacey Craig

Tijuana | Lacey Craig

Art for Jobs is a show and sale, not an auction. This means you don’t have to awkwardly try to outbid your friends (or that serious shopper who keeps blocking you out) AND it means an artist’s work won’t be undervalued. It also means first come, first serve – so see you at 5!

4. 30 Days of Opera Will Be There!

opera-giantIf you haven’t heard about Opera Memphis’s 30 days of totally awesome – totally FREE – performances, get ready to be impressed by these beautiful, creative folks. They’ll “pop up” at Art for Jobs. Be there!

3. Explore Memphis Tilth!

memphis-tilth-logo-1What’s a tilth? Take a few of Memphis’s great food and garden non-profits, add great people, and new offices in the Advance Memphis warehouse, and you’ll start to see the future of healthy food, people, and places in Memphis. Explore it all at Art for Jobs.

2. Proceeds benefit Memphians in 38126.

27426571472_5b9056252b_mAll of this benefits the people of 38126 who are seeking empowerment and hope through job readiness, financial literacy, job placement, counseling, and training. As these individuals become financially secure, so do their families – and the Memphis workforce becomes stronger, too. Join us!

1. It’s THIS Thursday!

afj-logo-2016Make plans now to be at Art for Jobs! We’ll be going strong from 5-8pm at 575 Suzette. You can see details on the website or the Facebook event page, where you can let us know you’ll be there. Get a sitter or bring the family – we look forward to seeing you!



Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: DON MORGAN


Don Morgan | Duet | 36 x 36 | $600


“Many aspects of art interest Morgan. He doesn’t claim any one favorite medium, but his specialties include sculpture, ceramics and painting. Upon graduating, Morgan doesn’t anticipate that his degree will change his status as an artist.” This quote from The Daily Helmsman in 2014, written as Morgan was wrapping up his bachelor of art degree at age 72, captures Don’s wide interests and down to earth spirit.


Don Morgan | Flight | 24x12x15 | $400

Morgan has been represented locally by Perry Nicole, Harrington Brown, David Smith Gallery, and has several pieces in the LeBonheur collection.

Learn more about Art for Jobs here and let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event page.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: CHRISTOPHER NADASKAY

29258487200_c44b187999_z“Christopher Nadaskay is the University Professor of Art at Union University and an artist focusing primarily on mixed-media, using a variety of materials and textures in his exploration of cultural critiques and societal legacies. As a self-proclaimed science-fiction fan, Nadaskay often incorporates aspects of the genre’s futuristic musings into his conviction-fueled paintings and sculptures.” Read the rest of the article by Joseph Smith in the Jackson Sun.

Chris is contributing for the second time to Art for Jobs and is preparing an early spring show of his work that will benefit Advance. The crosses seen at left are representative of a series of 1000 that he is creating, to be shown and sold at Crosstown.

Learn more about Art for Jobs here and find all the details on our Facebook event page.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: ADAM EXELBIERD


Each is 48 x 36 | CORE 4: Gasol, TA, Mike Conley, ZBO | $400 each

A born and raised Memphian, Adam found his love of painting after attending a local paint your own canvas art event. Over the last five years, he has painted many pieces of art for friends, customers, and Memphis charities while creating his own unique and fun style. When not painting, Adam is an entertainer for the local NBA team, and his energy carries over from the arena to his art!

We are thrilled to have Adam Exelbierd contributing again this year and you won’t want to miss the series he’s contributed this year: the CORE 4! See more of Adam’s work on his website and learn more about Art for Jobs here or on our Facebook event page.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: JESS ADA


Jess Ada | God Be With You ‘Til We Meet (for J.M.) | triptych | Each 24×32 | $2950

Jess Ada is a painter/maker/reclaimed architectural upcycler/ antiques restorationist who has been working and making in Memphis for a long time. Jess has her BFA from U of M and her MFA from Memphis College of Art. She lives in the heart of the city with her kids.

Jess has contributed to Art for Jobs for 3 years and we’re grateful for her continued support of Advance Memphis. You can see more of her work here. Learn more about Art for Jobs here and see the Facebook event page here.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: SARA WILLIAMS

29259267842_cd75c7839e_z (1)

Sara Williams | Four Large Trees | Oil on Canvas | 22 x 30 | $500

29369904001_6ed68c99a8_bSara is a thirteen year old artist born and raised right here in Memphis. She lives with her mom and dad and four sisters. She is a student of Gene Goodwin. She loves art and hopes to make her living at it one day.

To learn more about Art for Jobs, go to www.advancememphis.org/afj2016.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: LUCY WEPFER

WepferLucyWelcomeToMemphisLucy Wepfer, a lifelong Memphian, graduated from Vanderbilt University. She is active in the community, loves her family, and enjoys painting as a hobby. She is a long-time volunteer and supporter of Advance Memphis and looks forward to participating in Art for Jobs each year.

Learn more about Art for Jobs here and see all three of Lucy’s renditions of the Memphis bridge in the art catalog.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: KATIE HILL


Embrace | 48 x 36 | Katie Hill | $600

Katie is pictured here with her work at Art for Jobs 2016.

Katie is pictured here at Art for Jobs 2015.


Katie has an MA (Hons) degree in German and History of Art from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She grew up in Munich, Germany and Moscow, Russia. She has worked in art galleries in Edinburgh, Scotland and Nashville, TN. She has taught art outreach at the Frist Center for Visual Arts (Nashville, TN) and the Dixon Gallery and Gardens (Memphis, TN) as well as elementary school art in Memphis. Her focus is on portraits, religious and abstract work. She resides in Memphis with her husband and four sons.

Learn more about Katie’s work at katiehillart.com.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: JACK CHAMBERS


Chambers mural work with the first #PaintMemphis project.

Local artist and teacher Jack Chambers will be participating in Art for Jobs for his second year and will be creating an Artist’s Wall as part of this year’s event. Learn more about Artist’s Walls here and see all the Art for Jobs information here. See more of Jack’s work on his site.

Chambers work from Art for Jobs 2015.

Chambers work from Art for Jobs 2015.

Artist’s Statement: Growing up in Memphis, TN, living in Chattanooga, and then returning to teach in Memphis, I am proud to be a Tennessee based artist. Both cities have an abundance of street art ranging from murals and sculptures to graffiti. Being surrounded by this culture of public art has had an impact on how I see the world. I began to find beauty in the layers formed by multiple artists painting, posting stickers, and applying wheat pastes in alleyways, on doors, on electric boxes, ect. Over time these areas begin to reveal a collaborative visual story of the city. These unique collaborative moments of art spread across the urban landscape to transform the city into one large art gallery to which we all have lifetime memberships. My art attempts to highlight and emulate these beautiful moments of layering and collaboration found within the urban environment, find balance between chaos and structure, and express visually the world which I perceive.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: JULIE LATCHAM

Former Advance Memphis Volunteer Coordinator Julie Latcham is a faithful contributor to Art for Jobs. Her contributions this year feature scenes in Italy and Switzerland. Each will be a 20 x 30 giclée print on archival fine art paper.

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