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Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: KATIE ROBINSON


Katie Robinson | powder coated metal sculpture | 10″ | $150

Advance Memphis is grateful for Katie Robinson’s continued involvement with Art for Jobs. Learn more about Art for Jobs at and see Katie’s work at

University of Alabama, BFA Painting, 1998
Philadelphia College of Textile and Design, continuing education classes, 2000-2002

Artist Statement:
I have been drawn to colors for as long as I can remember. I loved discovering color in new and unexpected places such as the rainbow in an oil slick, or the inside of a piece of fruit. It was incredible to learn to mix my own colors when I began painting as a child.
I start new pieces with an unprimed raw canvas. My process begins by soaking the canvas with water, and then pouring paint onto it. I continue this process of layering colors. I do not use brushes-my best tool is gravity. It’s amazing where paint wants to go on its own. Drying time varies with humidity and the thickness of the paint. I also work with resin which allows me to observe previously unnoticed colors-especially metallics-once covered in the crystal clear material. I was taught that a finished work of art should contain something uncomfortable, but I prefer to include something that is surprising.
As my life journey changes, so do my colors. I have gone through phases of whites and greys, but I always end upcoming back to bold and vibrant colors. As an artist, I want to always push myself creatively by exploring new techniques, experimenting with other mediums, and working with colors in new combinations. Lately I have been experimenting with metal, and have enjoyed working with the material making decorative sculptures.
Katie Robinson, May 2016


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: MEREDITH POHLAND


Winter Owl | 10.5″ x 5.5″ | pyrography | $100

Meredith Pohland is the master colorist at Silicone Arts Labs. She graduated with a BFA from The Memphis College of Art in 2010. She dedicates her free time to making pyrography art.

Advance Memphis is grateful to Pohland for the donation of the piece at left, available at Art for Jobs 2016. Learn more about the event here and contact Pohland here.


Art for Jobs 2016: Art in the Work Life Class


For several years, local artist Merrill Skipworth has brought her skills to the Work Life classroom, working with participants to create a piece that is then sold at the Art for Jobs event. This year, artist Betsy Brown joined Merrill, and an enthusiastic group of participants collaborated on several pieces that will be available on September 15th.

We are grateful for the way these artists share their love for their craft with Advance Memphis participants.

Learn more about Art for Jobs at


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: REBECCA CHAPPELL


Tell Us a Story | encaustic mixed media | 25 x 25 | $300

Advance Memphis is grateful to artist Rebecca Chappell for participating in Art for Jobs every year since its inception. The piece at left will be available at this year’s show. See more of Rebecca’s work on her site and visit to learn more about Art for Jobs.

From the artist: Rebecca Chappell has been painting for many years, beginning with watercolor, then adding oil and acrylic work. Most recently, she has been working with encaustic (hot wax) and cold wax mediums. Rebecca has exhibited her work at Playhouse On the Sqaure and Circuit Playhouse, St. George’s Episcopal Church, and the Memphis Jewish Community Center. She takes pleasure in sharing her work to support the good work that the people at Advance Memphis do everyday.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: PRISCILLA CUNNINGHAM

Art for Jobs is grateful to local artist Priscilla Cunningham for joining us again this year at Art for Jobs. The below piece will be offered at the event on September 15th. Learn more about Art for Jobs here, and more about the artist below.


Traveling the Canals of Cambridge | 48″ x 36″ | acrylic on canvas | $1450

From the artist:

I’m sure that I am not unique in trying to do two things at once as an artist. For the past twenty years or so, my first love has been the medium of oils. I truly love the impressionism and the European locales of the early impressionists, and I have tried to interpret old world European scenes from the many photographs given to me by family and friends and also from photographs I have taken. I have also expanded my work with on location landscapes from the Mid South, an Alaskan trip and trips to Italy. With oils I am always trying to capture a scene, either from photographs or on location, although I may not interpret exactly as the scene appears, and I am always searching for and interpreting scenes that are interesting, beautiful and that I think others might enjoy.

Most of my work with acrylics is much different. Abstract impressionism comes close to what I am attempting to accomplish with my landscapes and floral’s. When in abstract mode, I am striving for a freer form of expression. I do love to paint with a realistic flair and I draw on my experience of several years in painting oils. I couldn’t have done the freer acrylics form without experience and training in the basics of oil landscapes.

I am still very much searching for my identity as an artist and truly feel that “much of the fun is in the hunt”. I don’t know exactly what medium of expression I will be using in ten years – God permitting – but know that I will still be experimenting and loving all of it.

You may see more of my artwork locally at Palladio Interiors, Memphis, TN., or in Hernando, MS at The Square Cupboard.



Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: BEN HANCOCK

Ice Cream

Ice Cream | bandsaw box | Ben Hancock


Order | Print | Ben Hancock

Ben Hancock is a sculptor who focuses on turning simple, utilitarian objects into complex artistic statements. He lives and works in Memphis with his wife Katherine. See more of Ben’s work on his site.

Artist’s Statement: As I work I am constantly within the tension of trying to make beautiful, thoughtful art while still affirming my own identity and outlook as someone of faith. I am usually stuck between sculpting my own idols as a heretic or falling into shallow, easy iconography. While I indeed use traditional forms, my goal is to hopefully bring out in the works something more incarnational, like it hasn’t happened yet. The patterns are old, but the object is not. I am trying to allow created, physical objects with the various kinds of baggage they carry speak and point to an unseen creative source, that be me, the actual creator of the work, or God, who created both me and it.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: Art Hartwig


Black Locust bowl |turned by Art Hartwig | $80


Art Hartwig in his workshop.

Art Hartwig has generously donated 3 hand turned bowls to Art for Jobs. Information about Mr. Hartwig and his work is below, and you can see more of his pieces on his website,

About the bowls: These bowls and other items use only ‘found’ wood, and are not the result of cutting down healthy living trees specifically for them.

The wood for a bowl is turned ‘green’ or wet to a rough shape, dried for six months, and re-turned to its final shape. It is then sanded to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and given the final finish.

After the blank for a bowl is cut from a log, smaller and odd-shaped leftover pieces are made into kitchen tools and desk accessories such as stir-fry utensils, cutting boards, business card holders, and letter openers, so very little of the wood is wasted.


Spalted White Birch bowl | turned by Art Hartwig | $85


Wild Black Cherry bowl | turned by Art Hartiwg | $50

The wood chips that result from turning are used as mulch on local walking trails where, over time, they become part of the soil. Therefore, these products have not created a negative impact to our local ecology or environment.

Artist’s statement: As a retired person, living at Medford Leas (retirement community) I have devoted more time to my life-long love of woodworking. Originally my attention was focused on furniture. However a chance viewing of a DVD on bowl turning by Bill Grumbine, created the courage to try it. Since the fall of 2006, I have been turning bowls from green (wet) wood and continue to be amazed and delighted by the diversity and beauty found inside these ‘stems of vegetables’. I hope you will enjoy owning or giving one of these ‘Special Gifts for Special People’.


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: David Bunk

See more of David's work here.

See more of David’s work here.

Photographer David Bunk works from his studio and shop at 523 South Main, which also serves as home base for his Real2Reel studios. Bunk’s work focuses on iconic Memphis scenery, from cotton fields to downtown cityscapes. Bunk’s love for the city is evident in his work.

David will be creating an Artist’s Wall for Art for Jobs 2016; to learn more about these walls, visit the blog.

Learn more about Real2Reel Photography here, see more of David’s work here, and get all the latest information on Art for Jobs here.


Art for Jobs 2016 In-Kind Sponsors: A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast LogoIn their fourth year of supporting Art for Jobs, Advance Memphis is grateful to welcome back the excellent customer service and delicious food of A Moveable Feast.

Started in 2001 as a separate division of Hog Wild, A Moveable Feast offers gourmet food and upscale catering for a wide variety of events. From weddings to Memphis barbeques, A Moveable Feast offers unique, innovative menus as well as recipe recreations to meet the needs of each special occasion. A Moveable Feast seeks to work with each client to create the perfect menu with a fabulous presentation.

Learn more about A Moveable Feast and Hog Wild here and get all the latest Art for Jobs information here. 



Art for Jobs 2016 In-Kind Sponsors: Bring It Food Hub

Bring It Food Hub LogoAdvance Memphis is grateful for our partnership with Bring It Food Hub. At Art for Jobs 2016, produce from Bring It’s regional farmers will be prepared as part of the food provided by A Moveable Feast. Bring It has also provided CSA portions for our Work Life participants this summer, spreading the joy of fresh, local fruits and veggies all OVER Memphis.

Noah Campbell of the Memphis Center for Food & Faith, delivered the Bring It subscriptions to Advance participants.

Noah Campbell, of the Memphis Center for Food & Faith, delivered the Bring It subscriptions to Advance participants.

Founded in 2013, Bring It Food Hub is a non-profit local foods distributor whose mission is to promote community development in Memphis and the Mid-South by increasing access to healthy, affordable local foods and strengthening farmer livelihoods. Working closely with regional farmers who follow sustainable production practices, Bring It Food Hub sells fruits, vegetables, eggs and value-added products to individuals, congregations, restaurants and institutions in Memphis and offers a variety of ways to get involved with eating local in Memphis.

Learn more about Bring It here and get all the latest Art for Jobs information here.