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Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: KATIE ROBINSON


Katie Robinson | powder coated metal sculpture | 10″ | $150

Advance Memphis is grateful for Katie Robinson’s continued involvement with Art for Jobs. Learn more about Art for Jobs at and see Katie’s work at

University of Alabama, BFA Painting, 1998
Philadelphia College of Textile and Design, continuing education classes, 2000-2002

Artist Statement:
I have been drawn to colors for as long as I can remember. I loved discovering color in new and unexpected places such as the rainbow in an oil slick, or the inside of a piece of fruit. It was incredible to learn to mix my own colors when I began painting as a child.
I start new pieces with an unprimed raw canvas. My process begins by soaking the canvas with water, and then pouring paint onto it. I continue this process of layering colors. I do not use brushes-my best tool is gravity. It’s amazing where paint wants to go on its own. Drying time varies with humidity and the thickness of the paint. I also work with resin which allows me to observe previously unnoticed colors-especially metallics-once covered in the crystal clear material. I was taught that a finished work of art should contain something uncomfortable, but I prefer to include something that is surprising.
As my life journey changes, so do my colors. I have gone through phases of whites and greys, but I always end upcoming back to bold and vibrant colors. As an artist, I want to always push myself creatively by exploring new techniques, experimenting with other mediums, and working with colors in new combinations. Lately I have been experimenting with metal, and have enjoyed working with the material making decorative sculptures.
Katie Robinson, May 2016


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: MEREDITH POHLAND


Winter Owl | 10.5″ x 5.5″ | pyrography | $100

Meredith Pohland is the master colorist at Silicone Arts Labs. She graduated with a BFA from The Memphis College of Art in 2010. She dedicates her free time to making pyrography art.

Advance Memphis is grateful to Pohland for the donation of the piece at left, available at Art for Jobs 2016. Learn more about the event here and contact Pohland here.


Art for Jobs 2016: Art in the Work Life Class


For several years, local artist Merrill Skipworth has brought her skills to the Work Life classroom, working with participants to create a piece that is then sold at the Art for Jobs event. This year, artist Betsy Brown joined Merrill, and an enthusiastic group of participants collaborated on several pieces that will be available on September 15th.

We are grateful for the way these artists share their love for their craft with Advance Memphis participants.

Learn more about Art for Jobs at


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: REBECCA CHAPPELL


Tell Us a Story | encaustic mixed media | 25 x 25 | $300

Advance Memphis is grateful to artist Rebecca Chappell for participating in Art for Jobs every year since its inception. The piece at left will be available at this year’s show. See more of Rebecca’s work on her site and visit to learn more about Art for Jobs.

From the artist: Rebecca Chappell has been painting for many years, beginning with watercolor, then adding oil and acrylic work. Most recently, she has been working with encaustic (hot wax) and cold wax mediums. Rebecca has exhibited her work at Playhouse On the Sqaure and Circuit Playhouse, St. George’s Episcopal Church, and the Memphis Jewish Community Center. She takes pleasure in sharing her work to support the good work that the people at Advance Memphis do everyday.


Art for Jobs 2016 Sponsors: Mid-South Medical & Mobility, Dillard Door, Parker Rhett State Farm, SSM Partners, & First Tennessee Bank


Mid-South MedMid-South Med and Mobilityical and Mobility, a Silver level sponsor of Art for Jobs, provides high quality, home medical equipment and services to Seniors in the Memphis area. Mid-South Medical and Mobility seeks to allow individuals to maintain their independence and   remain in their homes through providing efficient and compassionate service. We are grateful for Mid-South Medical and Mobility’s support of Advance Memphis. To find out more about Mid-South Medical and Mobility, please visit their website here.


Dillar Door logoDillard Door, also a Silver level sponsor of Art for Jobs, is a Memphis-based security company whose goal is to help companies develop complete security solutions that will both protect assets and ensure peace of mind. From gates and doors to cameras and access control systems, Dillard Door provides products that will allow you to have total control of your facility. We are grateful to Dillard Door for their support of Advance Memphis. To find out more about Dillard Door, visit their website here.


Parket Rhett LogoParker Rhett State Farm, another Silver level sponsor of Art for Jobs, provides Auto, Home, Life, and Health insurance to individuals and families in the Memphis, Collierville, and Germantown areas. Having been in the Financial Service Industry since 2003, Parker Rhett is experienced in the field and is ready to meet your insurance needs. We are grateful to Parker Rhett State Farm for their support of Advance Memphis. To find out more about Parker Rhett State Farm, visit their website here.


ssmSSM Partners, Silver Sponsor, is an investing firm that has seen great success in Memphis.  They have three primary areas of investment experience: software and technology, internet and consumer, and healthcare. With over 20 years of experience, their expertise, networks, and resources create an advantage for their partners throughout the company-building process. Their main goal is to help their partners magnify the value of their business.  To learn more about SSM Partners, visit their website.


firsttennesseeAnother Silver Sponsor, First Tennessee Bank, is a part of the First Horizon National Corporation family of companies. They serve families and businesses through about 170 locations statewide, offering an innovative list of products and services that provide value and convenience throughout your life and the life of your business. But it’s more than just a myriad of products. It is also a promise to back each of the products and services they offer with helpful and friendly people who are committed to providing you with smart, relevant financial advice. From your first checking account to the loan you need to build a home or a business, they are committed to taking good care of your financial needs. Visit their website here.


Thanks to companies like Mid-South Medical and Mobility, Dillard Door, Parker Rhett at State Farm, SSM Partners, and First Tennessee Bank, we are able to continue our work in the 38126 community!

To learn more about Art for Jobs, please click here.


Art for Jobs 2016 In-Kind Sponsors: Holliday Flowers & Events

15333307145_62d2d47420_zFor three years, Holliday Flowers & Events has provided priceless event assistance for Art for Jobs. We are grateful for their support of Advance Memphis. As you enjoy Art for Jobs on September 15, notice the flowers and event details that have been handled with excellence by Holliday!

Holliday LogoHolliday Flowers & Events provides custom floral and décor creation to the Mid-South region. Whether the occasion calls for a small bouquet, a number of beautiful centerpieces or custom-designed and created event decorations and furniture for large-scale events, Holliday Flowers & Events has the resources and experience to expertly take care of customers’ needs. With four locations throughout the Memphis area, as well as a design studio and large processing facility, Holliday Flowers & Events is convenient to customers throughout the region while still being devoted to remaining local.



Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: MEREDITH OLINGER


Meredith is pictured here with one of her award winning pieces from Memphis Fashion Week. Photo Credit Sophorn Kuoy | Memphis Flyer

Meredith Olinger | Billboard Meredith Olinger has contributed to Art for Jobs for several years and serves on the event advisory committee. She is an artist living and working in Memphis. Meredith works in many mediums including painting, drawing, and textiles (fashion is her first love). Her work emphasizes the beauty of the handmade and relies heavily on recycled materials.

All of this is seen in the pieces Meredith has produced for Memphis Fashion Week through the Emerging Memphis Designers Project. As part of this project, Meredith has submitted pieces for the Singles Collection category, and in 2015 was honored along with designer Kathryn Heard as one of the top designers at Memphis Fashion Week.


The artist shared a sneak peek of work-in-progress on her Art for Jobs 2016 Artist Wall.

Olinger has been included in many juried shows, including Gallery 56’s first juried exhibition in 2014. Pictured at left is the artist’s piece, Billboard, from that exhibition.

For Art for Jobs 2016, Meredith is a featured artist through our Artist’s Walls project. The sneak peek (at right) of the unfinished 8′ x 8′ wall that she is creating demonstrates her love for pattern.

The team at Advance Memphis is grateful for the way Meredith has volunteered her time and talents as a mentor and artist at Advance. Learn more about Artist’s Walls here and join us Art for Jobs on September 15, 2016, to see Meredith’s wall.


Artist’s Walls Bring New Perspective to Art for Jobs

The sixth annual Art for Jobs event will be held in the (new!) Advance Memphis Warehouse on September 15th, from 5-8pm. Moving the event from the classrooms and offices of Advance Memphis to a 24,000 square foot warehouse opens up all kinds of possibilities for the event and organizers are working on several new additions to the party.

First up? Artist’s Walls. These 8′ x 8′ false walls are being created by 25633672684_6eb1bb68d5_zAdvance Memphis Work Life participants who have chosen the “Building Connections” elective. Students of the class practice planning projects, following directions, measuring, using power tools, and working as a team to complete projects.

After the walls are built, selected artists are given the opportunity to design their “gallery” space in any way they choose. For some of our artists, this will mean murals the size of the wall itself, for others, it will be a classic gallery experience with white walls and canvases hung on the wall.


Meredith Olinger, who will be creating an Artist’s Wall, frequently works in patterns and on fabric.

We’re excited to share more about the artists who will be applying their creativity to this project, each of whom have unique connections to the community and to the work at Advance. Keep up with Advance here and on social media as we share about all of our talented and generous artists (Facebook and Twitter links at the top of the page, follow us on Instagram at @advancememphis).

27925446184_34761450fe_zJamin Carter, seen working on his wall at right, will also be contributing a Wall – learn more about his work, here. Learn more about other artists creating Artist’s Walls: Meredith Olinger, Lacey Craig, Darlene Newman, Rachel Rieves, J.E.Gillentine, David Bunk, and Jack Chambers.

Make plans to be at Art for Jobs on September 15th to see Artists’s Walls as well as hundreds of pieces by local artists and prints from nationally known artists. Learn more about the event here.


Art for Jobs 2016 Sponsor: Triumph Bank

Listen to Traci Strickland interview Advance Memphis Executive Director Steve Nash about Art for Jobs!

Triumph Bank, a Van Gogh level sponsor of Art for Jobs, is a local community bank serving the greater Memphis area through their offices in East Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and Arlington. Triumph Bank was founded in 2006 by a group of respected local bankers and business leaders who desired to see hometown banking return to the Memphis area.

Triumph Bank takes pride in being owned and managed in town, which allows it to serve customers in its four locations with excellence and friendliness. Because it is locally run, Triumph Bank is also able to provide flexibility to its customers, granting them with both control and confidence. Triumph Bank is proud to support the people and businesses that make up this great community.


Volunteers from Triumph Bank spent a day in our garden! Volunteers from the bank have served in various ways–from mentoring to serving lunch–and Advance is grateful for the way Triumph invests in the community.

As a way to honor their Memphis roots, Triumph is making significant investments in local neighborhoods like ours, involving their outstanding employees every step of the way. Volunteers from the bank make a difference at Advance, and we are grateful for their involvement!

To find out more about Triumph Bank, visit their website here. Triumph has a great radio show, and recently interviewed our Executive Director, Steve Nash. Check that out, here.

Thanks to organizations like Triumph Bank, we are able to continue our work in the 38126 community!

To learn more about Art for Jobs, please click here.



Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: JAMIN CARTER


Jamin is seen here working on an Artist’s Wall for Art for Jobs at Advance Memphis. This 8′ x 8′ mural will be available for purchase at the event.


Art for Jobs 2016 will be held in a new location: The Advance Memphis Warehouse. With more space, comes more opportunity for creativity, and this year we’re introducing Artist’s Walls.

We’re working with a few local artists who will adopt an 8′ x 8′ wall and make it their own. You can learn more about Artist’s Walls, here. We are honored to have Jamin Carter joining us for this opportunity; he’s pictured at left beginning work on his piece.

Jamin Carter is a visual artist, educator, and activist. He holds a BFA in sculpture and painting and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in visual art education. He lives in Memphis, TN with his wife and two children.

Playful Bout, ink and acrylic on paper, is representative of some of Jamin's recent work. See more of his work on his site.

Playful Bout, ink and acrylic on paper, is representative of some of Jamin’s recent work. See more of his work on his site.

He has worked on a variety of projects both public and private such as serving as a volunteer consultant for public works, facilitating panel discussions and painting mural signs. Working out of his studio in Memphis he participants in exhibitions, and occasionally curates shows. Jamin is also a consultant with Focus 5 Inc., a group providing professional learning opportunities and program consulting focused on aligning arts integration, best instructional practices, and current thinking in the field of arts and education

Learn more about Jamin and see more of his work here, and make plans to join us on September 15th at Art for Jobs!