art for jobs 2015


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Twin


Twin | The Field | acrylic on canvas | 9 x 12

Terry and Jerry Lynn are brother artists who collaborate on art under the signature “Twin.” They have shown many solo and group exhibitions and have been collected worldwide. Offering a wealth of versatility, both artists are proficient at realism, as well as abstract painting styles; in working in oil or acrylic; and in fine art print making. Twin were the official artists of the 1998 Essence Music Awards in New York and they created the official poster for the 1997 Philadelphia Art Expo.

They have been featured in magazines such as Southern Living, Midsouth Living, and At Home. They have had art displayed in the Shelby County Mayor’s Office, the Nashville International Airport, and had work selected for participation in the US Art in the Embassies, among numerous other places.


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Lucy Wepfer

Lucy Wepfer, a lifelong Memphian, graduated from Vanderbilt University. She is active in the community, loves her family, and enjoys painting as a hobby. She is a long-time volunteer and supporter of Advance Memphis and looks forward to participating in Art for Jobs each year.

You can find all the Art for Jobs info here, including links to more art!


Art for Jobs 2015 Sponsors: One Stop Marketing and Mitsubishi Electric

1-stop logo coloredWe are grateful for each of our Art for Jobs sponsors – but we’re especially grateful for those who also partner with our Staffing Program to employ grads as both of these have done.

One Stop Marketing has been in the Memphis area for a number of years and is a great supporter of Advance Memphis.  They are a source for promotional products, printing services, and graphic communication needs.  They work in a variety of industries and are experienced in helping their customers grow and promote their businesses.

MITSUBISHIMitsubishi Electric is another Advance Memphis supporter.  Their location in Memphis supplies the Midsouth area with mechanical and electric needs.  Thanks to companies like Mitsubishi Electric and One Stop Marketing, we are able to continue our work in the 38126 community.

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Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Betsy Brown

Betsy Brown

Sunflowers | oil | 9″x12″ | $125 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

Betsy grew up in Jackson, MS, loving every art class she took. She studied math and studio art at Vanderbilt University and more recently took a still-life painting course from a masterful oil painter, Bob Tompkins. Betsy enjoys sketching and painting from still life and landscapes in her spare time and has recently begun painting children at play from photographs. She loves the beauty of blending color and the results of contrasting oil paints on the canvas – light/dark, thick/thin, warm/cool. She currently resides in Memphis with her family. 


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Emily Ozier


Along, Above, and Underneath the Street, NYC | acrylic on canvas | 48″x36″ | $1200 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

Artist Emily Ozier and her husband John reside on a big grassy piece of land in Tennessee with their six children. She is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Communication and English Literature. She has studied in Italy with an impressionist master, focusing on a method passed down from the impressionist painter John Singer Sargent.

In 2014, Emily attended training at Harvard seeking to deepen her understanding of how learning takes place in and through the arts. She also examined the role of passion in learning and the unique capacity of the arts to inspire passion-driven learning and meaningful connections to ourselves, our community and the world around us, thus connecting her two main areas of work: education and the arts.

Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout the United States and has been collected in London as well. You can learn more about Emily on her website.


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Grace Swaney

grace swaney (trees)

Trees | acrylic on canvas | 8″x8″ | $60 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

grace swaney (flowers)

Flowers | mixed media | 4″x4″ each | $35 each or $120 for all | these pieces will be available at Art for Jobs

grace swaney (Angel)

Angel | acrylic on canvas | 6″x6″ | $40 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs










Grace Swaney is a great fan of all types of art. She sees art as another way that the Lord speaks to each of us. Although she has never had any formal training, she has painted jewelry, clothing, ceramic tiles, walls, concrete, and her daughters’ faces over the years. She is delighted to share some of her creations with Advance Memphis.



Art for Jobs 2015 Artists: Mae and Bruce Stockburger

We are excited to have some art donated by talented and generous children. A couple of those pieces have been given by the Stockburger family: Mae, who is currently in the 4th grade, and Bruce, who is in Senior Kindergarten.

mae stockburger (birdhouse)

Birhouse by Mae | 11″x17″ art, 18″x”28″ with frame | $60 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

Bruce Stockburger (hedgehog)

Hedgehog by Bruce | 14″x”24″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Rebecca Chappell

A native of Wynne, Arkansas, Rebecca Chappell now lives in Memphis. She mainly works in watercolor, oil, encaustic, cold wax, and acrylic, but she also loves doing abstract painting using mixed media. She studied life drawing at the Memphis College of Art, but she has recently studied painting at Memphis Botanic Gardens and Flicker Street Studio. Chappell’s work has been featured at Playhouse on the Square, and she has been an active supporter of Advance Memphis over the years. We are happy to feature Rebecca Chappell’s work this year, and are grateful for her contribution to our community.


Three Pears | watercolor | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Floating Apple | mixed media | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Heart | watercolor | 11″x17″ | $75 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs




Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Stacey Ferguson

Stacey Saed Ferguson has been drawing and creating as long as she can remember. She believes looking at the world through the lens of an artist is a great privilege and in her late-forties, she is learning what that means. There have been many teachers along her journey, but none more beloved and trusted than her high school art instructor. She lit the fire within Stacey to create and embrace creating, regardless of the results. That is the spirit that she brought to this body of work. She found images of children that touched her heart – because of their life circumstance or because of a spark she could see in their face. She is an adopted child and loves that process. Some of the children she painted were either adopted or available for adoption. There is a wealth of inspiration in that segment of the population alone.

Today, she wears many hats. The one she is most proud of is being a mother to three wonderful boys – Robert (14), Reid (13) and Kieffer (10). With that being said, if you ask her who she is, she would quickly tell you – an artist. It is what drives her and what draws her closer to God. You see more of Stacey’s work here.

stacey ferguston (tickled pink)

Tickled Pink | acrylic on paper | 14″x14″ | $200 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs

stacey ferguston (soulful eyes)

Soulful Eyes | acrylic on paper | 16.5″x13″ | $200 | this piece will be available at Art for Jobs


Art for Jobs 2015 Artist: Jennifer Elizabeth Gillentine

gillentine collage

Sunrise | mixed media | 24″x 36″ | $575 | Over the Moon | acrylic | 12″x 12″| $85 | Kaleidoscope | acrylic | 12″x 12″ | $100 | all pieces will be available at Art for Jobs

J.E. Gillentine is a third-generation Memphian who has had a love for art since the third grade. Her work over the last eight years includes oil paintings, mixed media, and ink paintings. Today she serves clients across the southeastern United States, creating unique commissioned pieces for homes and offices.