Priscilla Cunningham


Art for Jobs 2016 Artist: PRISCILLA CUNNINGHAM

Art for Jobs is grateful to local artist Priscilla Cunningham for joining us again this year at Art for Jobs. The below piece will be offered at the event on September 15th. Learn more about Art for Jobs here, and more about the artist below.


Traveling the Canals of Cambridge | 48″ x 36″ | acrylic on canvas | $1450

From the artist:

I’m sure that I am not unique in trying to do two things at once as an artist. For the past twenty years or so, my first love has been the medium of oils. I truly love the impressionism and the European locales of the early impressionists, and I have tried to interpret old world European scenes from the many photographs given to me by family and friends and also from photographs I have taken. I have also expanded my work with on location landscapes from the Mid South, an Alaskan trip and trips to Italy. With oils I am always trying to capture a scene, either from photographs or on location, although I may not interpret exactly as the scene appears, and I am always searching for and interpreting scenes that are interesting, beautiful and that I think others might enjoy.

Most of my work with acrylics is much different. Abstract impressionism comes close to what I am attempting to accomplish with my landscapes and floral’s. When in abstract mode, I am striving for a freer form of expression. I do love to paint with a realistic flair and I draw on my experience of several years in painting oils. I couldn’t have done the freer acrylics form without experience and training in the basics of oil landscapes.

I am still very much searching for my identity as an artist and truly feel that “much of the fun is in the hunt”. I don’t know exactly what medium of expression I will be using in ten years – God permitting – but know that I will still be experimenting and loving all of it.

You may see more of my artwork locally at Palladio Interiors, Memphis, TN., or in Hernando, MS at The Square Cupboard.