Family relationships are extremely strong in our neighborhood and in neighborhoods similar to South Memphis. The Tucker family has lived in South Memphis for generations and exemplifies the benefits of strong families. Brenda Tucker’s family has long struggled with unemployment and poverty, but Brenda wanted to turn over a new leaf. Brenda joined and graduated from our Work Life soft-skills job training class in November 2009. After graduating, Brenda worked through Advance Staffing and has worked consistently ever since. Her three daughters subsequently graduated from Work Life, in 2010, and have worked permanent jobs for 8 years.

After Brenda and her daughters found support, encouragement and skills at Advance and success in the work place, the rest of the family began to get involved. Brenda’s son graduated from Work Life and has worked through Advance Staffing on and off over the last eight years. He is currently working a temporary assignment in our warehouse, along with his cousin. His cousin works through Advance Staffing with more hands-on supervision and training in the warehouse.

In her wisdom, Brenda continued to encourage family members to participate in Advance programs.  Brenda’s niece, graduated Work Life in 2014 and was immediately hired through Advance Staffing. Unfortunately, transportation issues prevented her from keeping a permanent job. Currently she works through Advance Staffing and will soon again be hired in a permanent position. She also enrolled in Faith & Finances to maximize her hard-earned money through learning sound financial practices. Additionally, Brenda’s mother graduated from Work Life in 2016. She then began working through Advance Staffing and now works in a permanent position in a local company.

Even as encouraging as these stories are, there actually are more Tuckers that could be mentioned.  The Tuckers are just one example of a family that has particularly seen the benefit of Advance’s holistic approach to help people find success at work and benefited from it.  We are thankful for Brenda and her family.  The next time you visit the office, please be sure to hear the latest Tucker family success story.  Don’t forget to share this newsletter with family and friends so they can be part of the story at Advance.

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