Versant Supply Chain Outsourcing to Advance Memphis Warehouse

WOW! Aslan is ALWAYS on the move and it’s clear to us at Advance. We are thankful for those who have joined us in praying that God would provide businesses for the Advance Memphis Warehouse so our neighbors could work in their community. In the last few weeks the Warehouse has had up to 30 Staffing employees working on multiple projects with several more projects on the schedule through October. Our strategy for the Warehouse called for the operation to be self-sustaining within the third year after purchase.  To Advance, “self-sustaining” means that the Warehouse generates revenue to pay for wages, staff and other expenses for its operation. As of June 30, year-to-date, the warehouse is 82% self-sustaining, compared to only 46% in the same period in 2017. I am grateful for the progress!

Let me tell you how these last few months have made a difference in the bottom line. Earlier this year, Kevin Wilkins of Easley Transportation brought his friend Frank Lee, EVO of Distribution Services for Versant Supply Chain, to visit our warehouse. On May 7th, 2018, Frank gave Advance an opportunity to employ 26 of our Work Life graduates through our Advance staffing agency in the Advance Warehouse. The assignment was projected to last three weeks. Not only did the assignment get completed, but it finished early due to the strong work ethic of our graduates. Because of that positive experience, Advance is able to employ 7 Work Life graduates for Versant at least through October! As you can see Aslan is on move and, despite work ebbs and flows, the Advance Warehouse is moving toward our timeline of profitability in 2018.  Look for updates in the 3rd and 4th quarter newsletters.

Please pray for more work for our neighbors here in our neighborhood! This is a profitable solution for Versant Supply Chain and its bringing more wages to our neighbors and their neighborhood.  Please read excerpts from a recent email sent from the onsite Operations Supervisor of Versant Supply Chain, Fredrick Phillips:

 We will continue to reach out and try and get as much work as we can to help build on Advance Memphis’ objectives to keep the community together and help make it strong. In the 8 weeks I have been here I have seen tremendous changes when it comes to the third-party logistics (3PL) perspective and understanding. 

Our customer is so excited that they have not missed one Wal-Mart order. Thank you for having me and I look forward to a long positive working relationship with you all.

Please watch out for Aslan! He is mighty! He does not stand still!  If you have a project we can complete for your business, please call or email me for a quote.

Grateful to be at work!



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