Partners: Employ, Support, Collaborate


These businesses put Advance Memphis graduates to work through Advance Memphis Staffing, hiring grads directly, and by putting work in the Warehouse.

We form relationships with employers that offer our grads the dignity of work and give the companies well-trained workers. Our program graduates have received more training and support than most staffing employees. Employers receive excellent customer service, as we provide ongoing job-coaching to our graduates, as well as day-to-day, on-site trouble-shooting.



The financial support of these foundations and corporations, along with many other organizations and individuals, allows hardworking residents of South Memphis to grow educationally and professionally.

We are grateful that all our supporters have the vision for the economic stability of the community found through the dignity of work.



Advance Memphis is always seeking new ways to fulfill our mission to make our neighbors in South Memphis economically stable.

These organizations are our partners in thought and in deed as we work to discover and share best practices that bring new opportunities to our neighbors. For more information about collaborating with Advance Memphis, connect with us from the Contact page