Meaningful work. Earn while you learn. Thanks to our partnership with Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACW) and MBS Urban Initiatives CDE, 14 adults became certified and graduated from Autonomous Maintenance Training(AMT) on March 8, 2018.  Each graduate has gained skills that can be stabilizing assets to help them earn a livable wage.  Learning a marketable skill furthers the dignity of work, offers sustainable income and provides an opportunity for meaningful work.

Initially, Advance invited 50 Work Life program graduates to compete for 20 select spots.  As an illustration of the “Earn While You Learn” concept, this 4-week training course consisted of 64 hours of paid training and up to 96-part time hours at local businesses.  AMT is intended to help fill the skilled worker pipeline that flows at a trickle in the Memphis workforce.

With a completion rate of 74% these students and their hard work have set the stage for more South Memphis neighbors to capitalize on this opportunity. Please enjoy one of the many success stories. Our neighbor Marcus graduated Work Life in February 2012 and began working through Advance Memphis Staffing. With his military background and mature nature, Marcus was quickly promoted to a lead position at his first assignment.  However, he was terminated from this assignment and several others over the following years while working through staffing.  Marcus was counseled about his behavior before beginning the AMT training.  By the second week, the manager at his part-time job decided to send Marcus home with a warning.  Marcus called staffing shortly after speaking with the manager. He was encouraged to do two things prior to meeting with the manager: 1) pray and 2) openly accept responsibility for his actions and then apologize.  He agreed but asked what to pray.  Staffing suggested he pray that God would open his heart and head to accept responsibility for his wrong doing and to bridle his tongue.  Marcus came to Advance the following day and was so grateful to still have his job and the opportunity to go permanent full-time!  He shared that he had been very humble and took full ownership for his actions.  This valuable ongoing job coaching illustrates a key component in our Advance Staffing service and our investment in the lives of our South Memphis neighbors.

AMT provides a timely illustration of what meaningful work opportunities can do for Advance Memphis graduates.  Partner businesses and collaborators strengthen the financial stability of our graduates, South Memphis and the entire Memphis community by providing dignifying jobs.  Contact  Steve  to discuss warehouse work or hiring through Advance Staffing.

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