Gloria is presenter her Work Life Certificate by Mike Shaw, Manager and Facilitator of the Work Life program.

Gloria took the bold step not only to enroll in Work Life but to choose Hope & Healing as one of her elective courses.  Quickly Gloria became a spokesperson for the Hope & Healing elective, telling all she met how the class changed her.  She hadn’t realized how trauma earlier in life was affecting her or what to do with her deep hurt.  She learned it was good to grieve the hurt rather than just moving on with life.  Gloria’s favorite part came the day the class each participant privately wrote their hurt on paper then released it. Gloria commented, “It felt like there was a person sitting on my chest and I could feel the weight coming off, my spirit releasing it.”  Gloria learned to “take it to God” and not allow it to “chain her down”.  When asked if she recommended the class, Gloria replied, “I recommend the class to anyone who feels like they are holding onto something.  It will help you find a way to forgive and let it go!”

Advance Memphis exists to bring hope to South Memphis through employment opportunities which lead to financial stability.  Sound easy?  As one might guess, it’s as complex as any human change could be.  Our soft job skills class, Work Life, addresses and equips our neighbors to remove roadblocks to achieve their employment goals.  For our neighbors in South Memphis, traumatic experiences ensure roadblocks.  In fact, trauma overshadows both successes and setbacks.  New this year, Advance Memphis added Hope & Healing as a Work Life elective in effort to address trauma in the lives of our neighbors with hope and healing. Hope & Healing stems from American Bible Society’s Trauma Institute in which all Advance Memphis staff is trained. This program elective fulfills one of our 2019 goals while meeting a need of those we serve.  Please enjoy hearing about Gloria’s experience in the Hope & Healing trauma care elective.

Gloria demonstrates the courage it takes to heal and to forgive.  Certainly, healing is a process.  This process not only strengthens her, it increases chances of success in the workplace and sets an inspiring example for others.  As we continue to relationally invest in our South Memphis neighbors, trauma care through Hope & Healing provides another layer of support in the journey toward financial stability.

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