At left, Paul Outlaw. At op right is Glander Mickens; at bottom right is Chevi Murphy.

There is always cause for celebration when a Jobs for Life graduate finds full-time employment somewhere. But it is all the more exciting when another past graduate has been the one conducting the interviews!

Paul Outlaw, a graduate of multiple Advance Memphis programs, has been employed permanently through since 2011. He currently holds the position of Warehouse Manager. Recently was in a position to hire a couple of new employees and Paul interviewed two other Advance Memphis grads, Glander and Chevi, last week.

This Monday morning at 8:00 AM marked Glander Mickens’ and Chevi Murphy’s first day of permanent employment with! While we celebrate with Glander and Chevi on their newfound employment, we also are thankful and encouraged by looking to hire other Advance Memphis grads AND having Paul in the leadership role of interviewer. Join us in praying for these ladies as well as for the rest of the staff of

P.S. This just in: Paul and were also able to offer a part time position to Jobs for Life graduate Zach Green. Zach will be a mechanical maintenance trainee and his position will shift to full time as he progresses!

Below is a 1 minute video, From Despair to Hope, that features Paul and tells a little more of his story.


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