It is such a joy to have a front-row view of what the Lord is doing in the lives of our neighbors in South Memphis, as well as in the lives of the many volunteers who make this work possible. Art for Jobs was just another rallying of the volunteer troops, numbering over 70 who committed over 330 hours in the planning and execution of the event. Every volunteer affirmed, with their presence, the value of our community in South Memphis and the importance of empowering our neighbors to overcome obstacles associated with generational poverty. Volunteer Sherman Dixon commented, “It was a common phrase within the church a few years ago that pastors would say, ‘Go find out where God is doing something, and go be a part of it.’ I just sense that God is doing something through Advance Memphis. Each year I look forward to participating in Art for Jobs because this is a way I can be a part of His work.” To all of you who gave of your time and talents, we want to say thank you for actively partnering with us this year! For other ways to stay connected to the mission throughout the year, please contact Kelsey or visit our website. You are a valuable part of Advance Memphis.

AFJ Volunteers: Nedra House and her Champion, Lane Patikas

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