Looking for some encouraging news today?

A couple weeks ago we received a phone call from Andre and Anthony, JfL graduates permanently employed at National Guard Products. They said multiple grads at NGP wanted to provide a meal for the current JfL class. Soon after, Anthony was in my office with an envelope of money collected from the group, humbly stating the money wasn’t just from him but a whole crew of past grads who have the desire to serve and encourage the current participants as they seek employment.


Anthony with the money collected from past grads to pay for lunch.

The thoughtfulness and generosity of this group is amazing to me! As they reflected on their journey forward since graduating JfL and going to work, they joyously wanted to support and encourage others walking a similar journey, cheering them on as they go. And they didn’t give in response to a plea for help — they gave because they wanted to give back, and they knew first hand of a need at Advance.

Sometimes it seems we are bombarded by stories of selfishness, greed, and people trampling others to get to the top. How awesome it is to see these hard-working grads use their personal resources to spur on those who are trying to move forward. What an encouragement and challenge!


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