3permanentWe are excited to share that three Jobs for Life graduates are being moved from temporary to permanent employment at KM Logistics. KM is committed to rolling temporary employees over as often as they are able, and these three worked slightly over 90 days and proved themselves ready to be KM employees.

From left to right, Antonio Jackson, Jasmine Belote, and Rico Payne all graduated from Jobs for Life in August of 2014. As you can see in the pictures, 2 of the 3 received Perfect Attendance awards while in class, setting a very high standard for themselves from the very beginning. Jasmine was close to Perfect Attendance, but you can see that precious tiny one may have needed some attention at some point during class! We are proud of these three and excited that they will receive pay increases and benefits with their new positions. Join us in praying that they’ll transition well to even greater responsibility and that others will see them and be encouraged!

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