Valerie Riley: LAUNCH Grad & Owner of Clean Heart Cleaning Service


Twenty-two years ago, Valerie Riley was living in Chicago and she noticed a problem. Valerie was concerned that elderly people in her community did not have access to the home-care and housekeeping services that they need in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life. In response to this, Valerie decided to become a Home Caretaker for elderly residents of her neighborhood who struggled with mental or physical disabilities. She continued doing this for fourteen years before she relocated to Memphis in 2007.

One thing Valerie realized after her move to Memphis was that her neighbors here have similar struggles to those in Chicago; namely, that many people do not have access to good housekeeping services. Valerie also began to hone her skillset, and she realized that her real passion is to provide those specific housekeeping services to those who need them at an affordable rate. Valerie began doing this at no charge for an elderly woman in her community on a consistent basis, and both her skill in cleaning and her love for her work grew during this time.

Fast-forward six years; Valerie has graduated from both the Jobs for Life and Launch entrepreneurship programs at Advance Memphis, and her own housekeeping business is growing. With commercial and residential clients already being served, Clean Heart Cleaning Service is growing, and is looking forward. Valerie’s vision is that her company could provide much-needed access to cleaning services at an affordable rate to people all across the mid-South area of Memphis and beyond.

We asked Valerie what sets her apart from other cleaning services, and she began by giving some of the core principles of her company: honesty and dependability. Clean Heart is committed to providing affordable and excellent cleaning in a reliable way in order to best serve their customers. In addition to this, Clean Heart only uses bio-friendly cleaning products. This means no harmful chemicals!! In all, Clean Heart seeks to go above and beyond by staying committed to affordability, being continually honest and dependable in their work, and using products that are safe for customers and the environment.


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