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We strive to reflect within South Memphis the hope of the coming Kingdom of God through transformational relationships and economic development.


Advance Memphis Staffing & Outsourcing Hours Worked
89,850 Hours Worked. Gross revenue of these hours totals $856,000 returning to South Memphis households.  An average of 53 worked each week throughout 2019 through our 20 business partners.
Faith & Finances Graduates
45 neighborhood adults learned financial literacy through the Faith & Finances program.  Currently, the 37 active IDA accounts reinforce the principals learned in class and build an asset foundation through matched savings.
Volunteer Hours
individuals partnered with us to serve South Memphis; an increase of 58% from 2018. We cannot do this work without you!
Revenue of top 5 LAUNCH businesses
$422,000 in Revenue of top 5 LAUNCH businesses Over 21 adults graduated from our LAUNCH entrepreneurial class this year.  We look forward to more thriving businesses.

Hear from Andrea

“I lost my job, I lost my home, and I didn’t have anyone or anything to depend on.”

Andrea’s story is one of hope regained. She completed Jobs for Life in late 2012 and Faith & Finances in early 2013. She was part of the original crew that signed on for work at Wepfer Marine and, despite difficult work in hot and cold weather, she has become an important part of their team. She’s further developed her welding skills for the specialized marine environment. There aren’t many women in the water transportation industry, making Andrea’s success even more impressive.

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